Since 2023, there have been some new exciting Escape Rooms in both Hamburg and Stuttgart under the name pause&play. Long-standing TeamEscape customers will recognise the locations in particular, as the Escape Rooms are in the same place as the former TeamEscape rooms.

But what happened to TeamEscape? And where did pause&play suddenly come from?

In this article you find out the full story and all the background information on the brand change!

How TeamEscape became pause & play

In 2014, 2CP GmbH opened an Escape Room branch in Hamburg with a total of 8 rooms. In 2017, a further 6 rooms were added to the Escape Room branch in Stuttgart. From the very beginning, these were known as “TeamEscape”, as 2CP GmbH was one of the earliest franchise partners of the Escape Room brand.

As a franchisee, there are initially many advantages – especially if you are new to the business and want to establish yourself quickly. In terms of online presence (website and marketing), you can rely on the franchise partner in many cases. In addition, you don’t have to invent brand new themes, missions and tasks, as these already exist.

In the case of TeamEscape Hamburg and TeamEscape Stuttgart, this meant that our team took over the basic stories and names of the rooms. In terms of implementation, organisation and further development, however, the process was little standardised during the first few years. As a result, we developed a lot ourselves and were able to optimise many technical aspects.

This led, for example, to TeamEscape Hamburg and TeamEscape Stuttgart incorporating components that provided a new kind of experience. While other franchisees still fitted secret doors with a padlock, we already had colourful illuminated buttons which – when pressed in the right order – automatically opened the door. We were also constantly busy improving and developing the missions based on feedback from our guests

We also relied on our own methods and professional tools at a very early stage for the accompanying business processes, such as communication with employees or personnel planning.

All these in-house developments gave us a lot of self-confidence and a certain sense of independence. The desire arose to stand out with our own products and ideas in the highly competitive market for Escape Rooms.

At some point, the marketing and technical advantages that we were able to utilise from TeamEscape were simply no longer sufficient to justify a further partnership. We also deliberately didn’t want to align ourselves further with the other locations, but rather continue to pursue our own path, which we were convinced of.

That’s why we rebranded from “TeamEscape Stuttgart” to pause&play Stuttgart in January 2023. A few months later, “TeamEscape Hamburg” became pause&play Hamburg.


This has changed at pause&play

After the rebranding from TeamEscape Stuttgart and TeamEscape Hamburg to pause&play, the addresses of our locations at Hirschstraße 27 (Stuttgart), Bremer Reihe 24 and Ferdinandstraße 3 (Hamburg) have remained the same.

Apart from that, however, our former customers will probably recognise very little when they visit the pause&play Escape Rooms.

We have taken the brand change as an opportunity to fundamentally revise and further develop our rooms. Although a few set elements have remained the same, as not everything has been completely rebuilt, you can expect new stories, new riddles and new challenges

Our many years of experience in the industry and the constructive feedback from our customers helped us to make the desired improvements. 

We have paid particular attention to providing players with meaningful and comprehensible tasks that serve to develop the story and promote the flow of the game. We also use atmospheric elements such as sound effects and odours in some rooms to immerse players even more deeply in the story.

The high quality standards of our competitors in Hamburg and Stuttgart drive us to improve every day. The fact that we have done a lot of things right so far is confirmed by the enthusiastic reviews of our customers when they have completed a mission.

If you were a guest at TeamEscape Hamburg or TeamEscape Stuttgart in 2022, you will now find newly designed Escape Rooms in the same place. The team behind it is the same and now much more experienced – so if you liked it back then, the new experience in the pause&play Escape Rooms will blow you away!



So does TeamEscape no longer exist?

If you type in “TeamEscape Stuttgart” or “TeamEscape Hamburg” in the search engines, you will quickly be directed to the website of our former franchise partner. So TeamEscape still exists – the company is now represented in 19 german cities! This is truly remarkable and we are delighted that successors were quickly found for the TeamEscape rooms in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

TeamEscape has become more professional in many ways since the early years, of which we were an important part, and the company is very committed to its franchisees. So hats off to them!

For 2CP GmbH, a new adventure has begun in 2023 with pause&play and we would be delighted if you join us on the exciting journey from a former franchise partner to an independent Escape Room brand.


Would you like to get to know our new Escape Rooms and completely revised missions? Then take a look at the pause&play website and choose from a total of 6 unique experiences!