Find out everything about Escape Room prices

If you’ve never been to an Escape Room before, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll have to pay for 60 minutes of riddles, mysteries and fun. Maybe you’ve already checked the Escape Room prices in your neighbourhood and got bewildered… 

After all, you are wondering whether you should really pay €100 or even more to be entertained for an hour – to think hard, run back and forth and solve difficult tasks?

If so, you should definitely read on and find out more about Escape Room prices. We’ll discover how much an Escape Room costs on average and clarify how the prices are made up.

What is the average cost of an Escape Room?

Escape Room prices depend on several factors:

  • Fame and popularity of the provider
  • General price level at the location
  • Equipment and design of the escape room
  • Playing time (e.g. 60 min vs. 90 min)
  • Number of players
  • Weekday vs. weekend

The Escape Rooms throughout Germany actually have pretty similar prices. Nevertheless, there are differences. For example, an Escape Room in the centre of Munich costs significantly more than an Escape Room in a less well-known small town. In addition, a simple thematic room with a few furnishing details costs less than an ultra-modern, immersive adventure with special effects.

The vast majority of Escape Rooms cost between €80 and €150. The price usually increases with the number of participants. For example, you pay more for a game with 6 people than for a game with 2 people.

However, the larger the team, the less each of you usually pays. Teams of two pay an average of €35 to €45 per person. If there are six of you on the mission, you often only pay €20 to €30 per person.

As pause&play is based in two german cities with a high demand for exit games, let’s take a closer look at the Escape Room prices in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Let’s go!

Escape Room Hamburg prices

At BigBreak Hamburg, Escape Room prices start at €108 on weekdays (2 players) and climb to €180 at weekends (6 players). 

At Hidden in Hamburg, an Escape Room costs at least €160. If you are more than 5 people, each additional player pays €32 – that would be €192 for 6 people and €224 for 7 people. There are no price differences between weekdays and weekends.

With this price scheme, Hidden in Hamburg is one of the most expensive Escape Rooms in northern Germany. However, you are also playing on board a ship in Hamburg harbour, which is of course a special feature.

Let’s continue with our price analysis:

For an Escape Room from Team Breakout, you’ll pay a minimum of €99 and a maximum of €168 per group.

Fluchtweg Hamburg has very similar Escape Room prices, which vary between €96 and €156, depending on the day of the week and team size.


If you book a room with pause&play, you can expect to pay between €80 (for 2 people during the week) and €168 (for 6 people at the weekend). Escape Room prices are €16-18 higher at the weekend. 

Here is a small price overview:

Player 2 3 4 5 6

(€40 p.P.)


(€33 p.P.)


(€30 p.P.)


(€28 p.P.) 


(€25 p.P)


(€48 p.P.)


(€38 p.P.)


(€34 p.P.)


(€31 p.P.)


(€28 p.P.)

So you can play from €25 per person if you come with 6 people during the week. There are also promotional prices and special offers for large groups or festive events – just ask us.

As you can see, the Escape Room prices in Hamburg can vary. But what is it like in Stuttgart…?

Escape Room Stuttgart prices

At TeamEscape Stuttgart you pay between €99 (team of 2) and €156 (team of 6), unless you take advantage of the Early Bird discount and play between Monday and Thursday before 4 pm – then the Escape Rooms cost a maximum of €120.

Plan B Escape starts a little cheaper: Here, an Escape Room costs a minimum of €85 and a maximum of €156, with the same Escape Room prices applying for each day of the week.


And what about pause&play in Stuttgart? Our Escape Rooms in Stuttgart actually cost less than in Hamburg. You can expect to spend between €20 and €40 per player, as you can see from the price overview:

Player 2 3 4 5 6

(€40 p.P.)


(€30 p.P.)


(€25 p.P.)


(€22 p.P.)


(€20 p.P.)


(€40 p.P.)


(€32 p.P.)


(€29 p.P.)


(€27 p.P.)


(€25 p.P.)

Escape rooms are an expensive leisure activity… But why is that?

Escape Rooms definitely belong to the more cost-intensive forms of entertainment. However, we don’t set the Escape Room prices to rip you off, but to offer you professional and personalised support and to be able to further develop unique experiences for you so that you can continue to enjoy special Escape Room adventures in the future. 

If you have ever been to an Escape Room, you will understand how much effort is involved for most providers.

The rooms have high initial costs for development, design and construction, but also high ongoing costs for maintenance and upkeep. In addition, you will be looked after by your game master. Only a few Escape Room providers do without this personal support for cost reasons. Of course, the staff for marketing, web development, cleaning, etc. also need to be paid.

Lastly, renting a central city location incurs high Escape Room costs – but this is important so that you can reach the Escape Room of your choice quickly and easily.

What are the options for Escape Room price discounts? 

If you are looking for riddle fun at a bargain price, you have several options. On one hand, many escape rooms offer promotions on certain days of the week or specific discounts for students, senior citizens or families.

At pause&play in Stuttgart, we have the following offers:

  • Studi-Monday: Every Monday, students play for just €15 per person, provided they show their ID when paying.
  • Tuesday = PlayDay: Every Tuesday you only pay €20 per person.
  • Family Sunday: Every Sunday, one family member in a group of 3 or more plays for free.

If there are no discounts, it is worth coming during the week to avoid the higher weekend rates and to get together as large a group as possible so that the price per person is reduced accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also get an online escape game or an escape game for at home as a card or board game version. Especially during the Corona period, many new escape games for at home have been created. However, these are not quite comparable to the experience in the our Escape Rooms 😉


Ultimately (for most of our customers) an Escape Room is not something you do every day, but a special and unique experience.