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Difficult tasks, scary stories or macabre furnishings? Escape Rooms are not always the most suitable leisure activity for children. Things often get pretty heated as you break out of a prison, solve a criminal case or simply save the world.

However, there are quite a lot of Escape Rooms that are ideal for activities with children or even for a children’s birthday party.

Want to know which Escape Rooms in Hamburg and Stuttgart are suitable for kids? Then read on!

Why Escape Rooms are a valuable experience for children 

More and more families are planning their weekend trip to a nearby Escape Room. However, there is one difficulty when it comes to planning – to find those Escape Rooms that are suitable for children.

At pause&play, we are convinced that Escape Rooms can be a great intergenerational experience. Thanks to their team-building properties, they can also bring groups of friends and families closer together: When you’re on a mission, you have to communicate, think outside the box and simply try things out.

Some rooms are intellectually challenging for younger generations, which is why – depending on the age of the children – it is advisable that a few adults to play along. But from the age of 12, most kids can play independently, even without adults. 

Escape Rooms are great fun and can also be educationally valuable. Children learn important soft skills such as teamwork and communication; in the Escape Room, you support each other and let others have their say with their ideas. At the same time, curiosity, intuition and problem-solving skills are encouraged – these are also skills in which the little ones are sometimes ahead of the adults.

We providers are good at assessing the age at which children can play in an Escape Room, so you should always follow the age recommendations. There are usually separate recommendations for children as co-players (in a mixed team with adults) and for children as sole players.

In non-scary Escape Rooms, younger children can also be present – but then they tend to take on a spectator role, as the riddles are simply too difficult. They can, however, play their part in searching for and finding clues.

Which children’s escape rooms are available at pause&play?

At our locations in Hamburg and Stuttgart, young people aged 12 and over can take part in the Escape Room adventure. As all our rooms have a medium level of difficulty, you enjoy a large selection of different missions to choose from:

In “Vanished without a trace” you have to find a missing person, in “Inherited double life” you have to pass the test of the thieves’ guild and in “CSI heart attack” you solve a tricky criminal case. 

For adolescents aged between 12 and 15, the Escape Rooms can still be quite challenging at times, which is why they need help from the game master more often and are likely to take a little longer for each task. But that’s not a bad thing, a few tips are part of the game. Basically, the pause&play Escape Rooms are already feasible for this age group.

Children under 12 are of course also very welcome here and even enjoy free entry (one child per adult). In this case, the kids play together with their parents, family members or supervisors.

Other Escape Rooms for children in Stuttgart

PlanB Escape has a few Escape Rooms that are interesting for children due to their story and room design. For example, the kids have to stop an evil wizard, work their way through a fantastic wonderland to the exit or go on a crazy jungle adventure like in Jumanji. Kids under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

At Escape World in Fellbach near Stuttgart, there are two Escape Rooms that are suitable for children as they are not scary or violent and have a medium level of difficulty. “Illusional Mind” sends the group into the brain of a comatose scientist who has gone mad and in “The Manager” you have to lead a football team to success. Both missions can be played by teenagers over 13.

Other Escape Rooms for children in Hamburg

The missions at AdventureRooms Hamburg can be played by children aged 11 and over when they are accompanied by an adult, and aged 13 and over when they are on their ow. The game masters help them to solve the riddles so that nothing stands in the way of a successful experience. The Escape Rooms “Schweizer Original” and “Traumhaft!” are ideal for children.

Families with children will get their money’s worth when searching for clues in “the office of the port“, as the Escape Room is aimed at first-time players and contains no murder or horror elements. Kids will enjoy slipping into the role of secret agents and tracking down the missing captain.

In the Hamburg neighbourhoods of Wandsbek and St. Pauli, children under the age of 14 can immerse themselves in very different scenarios as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult. They either have to save a spaceship from a collision with the earth, escape a dilapidated building or uncover the secrets of a medieval chapel. Teenagers over 14 can tackle the rooms of Fluchtweg Hamburg on their own.

Family trip, school trip or birthday party?

There are many opportunities to take children with you to an Escape Room or send them off on their own with their mates. At pause&play, we welcome many families, but also groups of teenage friends and school classes.

Do you want to give your children a realistic detective adventure? Then why not plan a birthday party at pause&play Escape Rooms!